A finding aid provides historical background, an inventory, and descriptions of an archival collection. Our finding aids help researchers locate relevant content easily and effectively by providing both historical context for primary source materials and a table of contents for individual collections.  Our finding aids include the following:

  • An outline of the materials that comprise the collection

  • Information about who created the collection

  • Direction regarding how to navigate the collection

  • Guidance on how to use the materials, including information about how to cite the collection

Below are our finding aids that are currently available online.

Hull Collection

The records of the Hull Collection are primarily jail and court documents and include arrest warrants, citations, court summons, execution documents, testimonies, probates, land evidence, financial documents and correspondence.  The collection is likely an accumulation of a number of acquisitions that took place between 1960 and 2000. 

Markham Collection: 

The records of the Markham Collection include correspondence, financial records, legal records, and miscellaneous.  These collection contains photographs, personal objects, tax books, lectures, books, tickets, certificates, deeds, jail records, court records, correspondence, plot maps, and other miscellaneous documents dating from 1734 to 1979.

Peckham Collection: 

The records of the Peckham Collection include newspaper clippings, correspondence, receipts, poems, a ledger, and other miscellaneous items.  The collection is likely an accumulation of a number of acquisitions that took place between 1958 and the 1990s. 

Potter Collection:

The records of the Potter Collection include books, receipts, legal paperwork, correspondence and newspaper clippings regarding the local community, criminal justice, and legislation.  The collection is likely an accumulation of a number of acquisitions that took place in the latter half of the 1900s.  The series is organized into books, correspondence (between naval surgeon Thomas Mawney Potter and his brothers and sister), and miscellaneous documents.

Tavern Hall Club Collection:

The records of the Tavern Hall Club include annual records, ledgers, financial records, meeting minutes, correspondence, receipts, programs, institutional documents, and materials related to the property holdings of the organization.  The collection is an accumulation of materials that were collected by Executive Committee members of the Tavern Hall Club from its inception until its dissolution in 2004. 

Every Tuesday Club Collection: 

The records of the Every Tuesday Club include meeting minutes, writings from club members, bound volumes, yearbooks, annual reports, treasurer reports, receipts and other financial documents, anniversary ephemera, newspaper clippings, personal objects, and correspondence from 1896-2003.


These represent only a small portion of our archival holdings.  We are in the process of creating finding aids for our diverse collections, so please check back often as new finding aids are regularly added.